Private/Public Sectors and NGOs

The organization implements projects in the following broad areas:

  • Human Resources Management & Workplace Innovations.
  • Social Infrastructure Improvements and Developments.
  • Finance and Business Solutions.
  • Management, Organization Structure and Business Improvement Services.
  • Corporate Governance.

Development Projects

  • Good Governance, Government Accountability and Anti-corruption.
  • Budget Analysis and Policy Influencing
  • Maternal, Newborn and Child health
  • HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and support.
  • Strengthening Community HIV/AIDs services
  • Social Insurance & Safety Net for the poor
  • Education- Pre-primary, Primary and Tertiary.
  • Research and Evidence based Advocacy
  • Strengthening of CSO and Community level committees
  • Emergency preparedness and back-up planning.
  • Effective Resource Utilization Training for public sector organizations.
  • Infrastructure improvements for communities in water and education sectors.
  • Training programmes for skills acquisition in various sectors.
  • Good Governance: access to justice, human rights

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

Private/Public Sectors and NGOs

  • Strategic Review of business organizations.
  • Work Process Re-engineering & quality improvements.
  • Design and Installation of human resource management systems (HR planning and budgeting, recruitment, performance management, learning systems, employee relations, review of job descriptions, benefits and remunerations, HR information systems, career development etc.).
  • Preparation of Strategic and Business plans.
  • Leadership Skills Development.
  • Training Programmes in Financial Management, Marketing, Cost Restructuring, IT software, supply chain management, Contract Management etc
  • Design and installation of accounting systems and software packages.
  • New digital communications set up and collaborative systems.