What We Do

People, Process, Technology, New Business Platforms

We support new public sector agencies, development projects/NGOs, medium-sized and large public quoted corporations to grow, establish modern processes and systems, employ and retain qualified workforce teams to achieve efficiency, performance and productivity.
The company is made up of professionally qualified and experienced consultants in multi-disciplinary areas- Human Resource Management, Organization Development, Finance, Marketing, ICT, Digital Transformation, Social Development and Project Management.

Our services in Human Resource Consulting include the followings:

  • Organization Structure and Systems, processes and procedures deployment to effectively manage risk.
  • Organisation Development- Strategic Plan Development and Business Plan Drafting with detailed financial projections, funding framework, monitoring frameworks and KPIs.
  • Strategic Workforce planning/ Human Resource Planning.
  • Optimization of Human Resource Plans.
  • Skills and Competency Forecasting, Job Profile development.
  • Staff Recruitment, testing, interviews, background checks and negotiations.
  • Compensation Planning and Salary administration.
  • Staff Learning and Development.
  • Entrenching Corporate Culture.
  • Review and mordernisation of Human Resource Policies and Corporate Policies.
  • Performance management Systems Review and Installation.
  • Career Planning and Career development programmes for employees.
  • Implementation and expansion of ICT capacity of the organization and staff (conduct assessment of scope of task requirements, assessment of IT needs, training staff and roll out plans.)
  • Employability Skills Development covering technical skills and management skills across multiple disciplines.
  • Talent Management Solutions, Team building, Leadership Development, Remote Workforce Management.
  • Employee Communications, Conflict Resolutions and Employee Assistance Programs.

What Our Clients are Asking Us

  • To provide support in the area of Need Assessment
  • To Analyze Data and Disseminate
  • To support preparation of project documents with buy-in from all stakeholders.

What We Do

The services we render in project management are as follows:

  • Need Assessment Planning for projects in Education, Health-MNCH, Agriculture, Cash Transfer, OVC, Peace Building, WASH etc.
  • Data Collection Tools finalization and implementation of data collection.
  • Data Analysis to identify key challenges, size of needs, prioritization and interventions
  • Preparation of project Documents e.g.
  • Project Charter/Concept Note preparation.
  • Project Scope development.
  • Logical Framework of the Project drafting.
  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis.
  • Communications with Stakeholders.
  • Workplan drafting and finalization.
  • Development of budget, risk management plan, communication plan.
  • Development of Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.
  • Gender equality and Social Inclusion Analysis
    • Design of monitoring, execution of monitoring activities and progress reporting Implementation of Activities.
    • Organization of Project reviews and reporting, lessons learnt and use of data for project redesign.
  • Project on-site-data- validation, data quality assessment, supportive supervision and reporting to guide projects to course-correct for successful completion.
  • Activities Implemented to support past Project Implementation include:
  • Recruitment of Project Staff.
  • Conduct of On-boarding activities for new staff & Project Start Up Meetings.
  • Capacity building/ training of project staff in such areas as key management functions, soft skills, upgrading of skills etc.
  • Strengthening of project internal control environments.
  • Procurement Management.
  • Asset Verifications.
  • Due diligence training, Donor Relationship Management Trainings.
  • Organization Development- modern organization structures, role clarifications, workflow systems, digital communications, staff count, career ladder, organogram design.
  • Office set-up and management, Organization and Human Resource policies drafting
  • Organization of Planning and Coordination meetings.
  • Advocacy and Community Mobilizations.
  • Project Completion Reports.
  • Preparation of weekly, monthly and quarterly reports tracking resources, activities, outputs and long-term changes.
  • Meeting Management and Support.
  • Budget management and tracking.
  • Fund Raising Activities.
  • Strategic Planning (with funding policies and monitoring framework and finalization of implementation plans.
  • Modernisation of project Business Systems.
  • Upgrade of IT systems- internet support, website, email systems, social media presence.
  • Upgrade project communications capacity at Hq and Field offices.
  • Support for Resource Mobilizations (business development)- completion and submission of proposals.
  • Capacity and Infrastructure building in schools, health facilities, Victim support centres etc
  • Institutional Change Management.
  • Project Evaluations and completion Reports.

We help institutions and organizations (public, NGO, private) to achieve better results. We will work with management to understand the business challenges, propose activities and implement them to resolve the problems quickly and effectively.

Our Approach:

At ACD, we work with you to review your annual business goals/targets, offer to advise on how you can achieve results and provide services as necessary:

As Outsourced service, where you can engage our consultant (as in-house consultant) to manage key areas of your human resource department on a temporary basis- the consultant works in your office full time.

As consultants, where we provide services and implement activities in all business management and human resource management fields:

We deploy the best assessment and analytical tools including recommendations and support for implementation, result tracking and achievement of business objectives.

Innovation and quality go hand in hand, we continually strive to ensure that each of our clients is given the best advisory services on systems improvements, that, in turn, allows our experienced consultants to provide the professional service and innovative solutions for which we’ve become known.

Achieve Corporate Development (ACD) provides services in Talent search and acquisition, performance management systems, staff capacity developments, organization capacity development, strategic planning, business planning, redesign of organization structures, risk management -background checks, review of competency profiles and skills matrix, redesign of job descriptions,  ICT capacity building, strengthening of business systems- invoicing, marketing, inventory management, asset management, payment systems, expenses reviews/ cost management – payroll verifications and biometric staff authentication.

We have technical capacities in the areas of finance, budgeting, Sales, Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, IT (computer-based tests), operation of Hr software, social communications- website, youtube, twitter, linked-in and Instagram), accounting (financial planning, budgets, financial reports), customer relationship management (CRM), finance (sources of funding) and, of course, human resource management. We partner with clients to fully understand key issues and key changes and work with them to achieve innovative changes.


#1. Financial Management and Payroll Systems:

Strengthening of financial management systems, internal controls, accounting processes, recording and reporting of results is key to financial sustainability. We work with management to ensure a healthy balance sheet and sustainable liquidity.

At ACD, we offer technical support in risk management approaches to manage key items of expenses such as payroll, procurement processes, account receivables and account payables to help keep operating expenses well below revenue and increase your margins.


#2. Organisation Development:

The combination of organization structure, business and staff policies, systems, processes, automation, employee skills and employee motivation guarantee improve organization performance.  In a changing world, every organization must be a learning organization and adapt to new ways of doing business.

At ACD, we provide support to assess your current systems and policies and help develop modern systems as well as human resource and business policies that will facilitate business success. We also provide implementation plans and training for our recommendations.

#3. Human Resource Strategies

Human Resources strategies must align with business strategy to help organizations achieve planned successes- expansion of service coverage, the achievement of mandates, increased revenue

At ACD, we work with clients to conduct workforce analysis and workforce planning and put together programmes and responses to help the organization meet human resource needs. Key initiatives include skills and competencies matrix, putting the right staff in the right position, business systems to effectively manage employee costs, having stable employees numbers across different departments, strategies to address staff motivation and retention throughout the year.

#4. Recruitment and Selection (Talent Search and Acquisition)

Finding and hiring the best and most qualified candidate for a job opening, in a timely and cost-effective manner is a desired goal of any organization, as it ensures the success of the organization to deliver quality products and services and ensures proper alignment of skill sets to organizational goals.

At ACD, we provide full-cycle (end-to-end) modern and up-to-date recruitment services, employee assessments, psychometric testings (including personality tests & EI tests) and transparent selection process to guarantee employment of well qualified and competent staff who will help the organization to succeed.

#5. Learning, Development, and Innovation Hub:

Providing opportunities for training, learning, and strengthening teamwork performance are two interlinked activities that management needs to use regularly to assure performance across the organization.

Effective Learning does not take place in a vacuum; learning becomes more effective within highly effective workplace culture. Managers need to strengthen performance through timely feedback and support, group learning processes, developing trust, encouraging collaborative problem solving and lean project management techniques. Employees need to demonstrate high-level achievement striving spirit, learning orientation and acceptance of change and constructive feedback.


Skills Assessment:

At ACD we carry out skill assessment and design learning programmes for high performing teams  across your organization:

  • Workforce Analytics
  • JD Analysis, Skills and Competence Reviews.
  • Teamwork Model Assessment
  • Conflict Management Assessment
  • Organisation Performance Analysis
  • Technical Proficiency Assessment
  • Project Outcome Analysis
  • Career Progression Analysis (mapped to requisite competencies and skills)
  • And many more assessment tools

Our Innovation Hub includes the following Projects:

  • Development of project learning management system for the organization.
  • Links to online learning websites for different employee categories.
  • Transfer of skills to job performance motivation techniques, impact assessment and reviews.
  • Technology adoption trends to improve work systems, collaboration, and upskilling.
  • Workplace Systems Consulting. (remote workforce trendings).
  • Diversified Mobile applications to HR Functions/Services (for remote and field offices)

Learning and Development Programmes:

Contact us for any of the following programmes, which we can organize in-house to fit your budget and office venues:

  • Change/Reform & Transformation Management Training
  • Corporate Fraud Training
  • Covid-19 Response Management Training
  • Post-Pandemic (Covid-19) Office Work Systems Training
  • Diversity and Equality Training
  • Corporate Resilience Strategies Training
  • Human Resource Optimization Master Class
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crimes Training
  • Unconscious Bias Training
  • Project Management Master Class.
  • Leadership and Management Behaviours Training
  • Effective Leadership Skills Development Training
  • Negotiating Skills Training
  • Responsive Customer Service Training
  • Team Building & Emotional Intelligence Skills Training
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Corporate Event Management Course
  • Mental Health Awareness Training
  • Resilience Training
  • Stress/Burnout Management Training.
  • Health and Well-being Management Training.
  • Ethics and Code of Conduct Training.
  • Disciplinary and Governance Procedures Training.
  • New Performance Review System Training
  • Talent Source and Acquisition/Interviewing Skills Training
  • Respect for Culture and Diversity Training
  • Social Media Marketing Training
  • Child Safeguarding Essentials Training.
  • Effective IT Cyber Security Course.
  • Prevention of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Course.


#6. Leadership Skills Development

Management development is a strategy embraced by the Fortune 500 companies. Managers need to demonstrate people mastery skills in addition to technical and cognitive skills in order to build high performing teams.

At ACD, we provide management training, leadership training and team-building training to increase employee engagement, reduce lack of commitment by staff and increase the success of your teams in all office locations and markets.

#7. Organisation Structures:

Modern agile organizations structure have matrix organization structures that allow for distribution and disposition of functions, activities, processes, roles/responsibilities and employees to achieve efficiency and effectiveness, enhancement of innovation and differentiation strategies.

At ACD, whether you are managing a new organization or your organization has been in existence (and in need of reform), we support your organization diagnosis and recommend robust organization structures that will respond effectively, to new changes,  enhance decision-making process and help to harness experience to increase employee performance in order to improve overall organizational performance.

#8. Strategic Planning

At the beginning of each year managements make efforts to reposition their organizations for new directions and put in place strategy thrusts, that will usher in new and improved performance levels across all performance indicators.

Improved services, new corporate infrastructures, increased revenue growth, adoption of new technologies and a well-trained and motivated workforce will propel the organization to new heights of corporate performance and contribute to financial success.

At ACD, we partner with managers/teams and their staff to provide services and a range of strategic assessments and facilitation to help you formulate a new strategic plan to drive the corporation to become a well-performing organization within three to six months.

#9. Corporate Philosophy: Vision., Mission and Core Values:

The top 20% of companies in the world have clearly articulated vision statements, mission statements and core values because having the vision statements creates a connection between the organizations and its customers. When companies stay true to their values, they are able to create brand loyalty. Besides, vision statements, mission statements and core values provide a foundation for strategic planning and to focus the energies of teams towards organizational success.

At ACD, we work with teams to facilitate corporate philosophy sessions/ workshops and create outstanding vision statements, mission statements and core values that promote the success of the organization.


#10. Compensation, Benefits Administration, Tax Advisory.

Leading companies have recognized the impact of compensation and benefits on staff and team performance and every year adjustments are made to improve the strategy of the organization in this area.

At ACD, we provide the following services:

  • Review organizational practices on benefits administration: health insurance, health retainership, pension administration, group life insurance, staff care and wellbeing, bonus payments, tax calculations/ remittance, severance and gratuity, deposit administration insurance, pension calculations and remittance, pension administrations and benefit withdrawal
  • Provide Advisory on staff life insurance, travel insurance, accident compensation, compliance reports, new labor regulations
  • Review paid and unpaid leave absences, designed tracking of leave balances, introduction of newly approved leave durations and pension rate computations by government
  • Design salary grades using approved salary frameworks and adhering to best practices and adopted scales within your industry.
  • Design Staff Compensation Plan based on organization strategies to attract, motivate, retain and increase staff engagement.
  • Tax clearance certificates, tax identification numbers and registration for SCUML.
  • We also provide services on verifications of staff on payroll, verification of pensioners and bio-metric registration to create an electronic database as necessary.

#11. Strategic Workforce Planning:

21st-century organisations now focus on the analysis of workforce trends, costs, and investments to strengthen the future success of the organization.

The ever-changing business environment, the need for agile and responsive workforce and internal dynamics of the workforce have created new business agenda for management priorities.

Do you have problems seeing the big picture and detailed plans for your workforce mapped against the short-term operational workforce plan (1-2 years) or the strategic workforce plan (3-5yrs), then you need to talk to us.

At ACD, we work with senior leadership and management teams to collate and analyze data, interpret trends, prepare, and cascade strategic workforce plans to cover:

  • Proactive talent acquisition for future and upcoming roles.
  • Succession planning for leadership movements and other employee movements.
  • Skills and competency predictions mapped into a strategic workforce development plan.
  • Predictive workforce expenses/investments (your planning systems need to flow into the strategic workforce plan)
  • Productivity (time tracking and leakage solutions).
  • Value for money (workers behaviour and quality performance).
  • Changing project status and impact on employee dimensions and metrics.

Human Resource optimization plans

At ACD, we provide HR analytics systems and softwares to provide insights into process improvements, lean project management, optimization of all Human Resource functions/services, reduction of transactional work, optimization of efficiencies and to measure HR metrics.

We have consultants , who for over twenty years, have tackled projects which range from short term/long term to the most complex, and in each case we’ve found that by drawing upon the skill of our people, listening to clients and teaming that up with the latest available technology, we can meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our consultants at ACD, are ready and available to meet with you to identify and find solutions to your business management needs. Our contact details are as stated below